We have won the Technological Innovation Award again!
Thanks to your support we have won, for the second consecutive year, the Technological Innovation Award in Artificial Intelligence
Would you like to know how they work?

What is a CallBot?

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Is your business ready to use bots?

The bots are computer programs capable of automating actions through natural language while maintaining a conversation with people.

A Bot is always available to serve customers, without waiting time and with the ability to serve an unlimited number of people simultaneously.

Robots telefónicos trabajando en Call Center
Inteligencia Artificial


Study of the bot to implant and analysis of the conversation scheme for the creation of the rules and norms that define the Artificial Intelligence of the Bot.

Programming of the Bot and integration in the selected platforms. Deployment and integration to connect your own Bot.

Training to improve learning and Artificial Intelligence of the Bot. Recurrent analysis for the improvement of the Bot in its functionality.



Selection of voices and in several languages. Possibility of selecting the speed of speech, volume and tone.


Specialized and trained telephonic robots to adapt them to the needs of the client.


Conversion of text to speech in real time with the possibility of using SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language) and conversion of voice to text in streaming (it is converted at the same time as the user keeps talking) with the possibility of defining custom grammars.


Integration with the main technologies of the market (Microsoft Bot Framework, Google Dialogflow and Amazon Lex).

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