Vozitel awarded for developing the technology that allows Call Centers to get ahead during the crisis

Vozitel CallBots automate processes through artificial intelligence, performing repetitive tasks, which can help reduce costs and optimize existing resources, thus solving a problem that has been aggravated in recent months.

Before the coronavirus, only 4.9% * of the population worked remotely. In some cases, companies were not technologically prepared, and in others there were no specific protocols to facilitate remote work. The pandemic brought with it, not only a health crisis, but also a change in the work paradigm, accelerating processes that, in other circumstances, would have taken years to implement. Specifically, call centers have encountered a major challenge when it comes to managing their workforce electronically, without this entailing a reduction in service quality or productivity.

How to meet the challenge?

To these already known difficulties, temporary staff losses caused by the pandemic, or the need to drastically reduce costs to ensure the survival of the company, have been added. In this sense, Vozitel has developed a unique technology for call centers to keep their operations, optimize their resources and automate processes in a simple way. These are CallBots, Virtual Agents with integrated artificial intelligence, which are capable of performing repetitive tasks, with low added value but which can entail an excessive cost in these moments of crisis. From the customer's point of view, CallBots have made it possible to provide a better user experience, since they have benefited from the elimination of waiting times, 24-hour service, and even the resolution of doubts even if there is an over saturation in the lines

Premio Vozitel recogiendo galardón

An award-winning technology

The Vozitel CallBots have obtained, for the second consecutive year, the award for the Best IT Project in Artificial Intelligence - Virtual Agents, during the Platinum Contact Center Awards, which this year, extraordinarily, were held virtually on July 16 . The award was virtually presented to Antonio Díaz, CEO of E-Voluciona and Joaquín Pardo, CEO of Vozitel. E-Voluciona successful start-up, belonging to Unísono Group, bases its growth axis on offering transformation solutions and digital operations, based on the combination of human and digital. To do this, it implements the most advanced technologies such as RPAs, Artificial Intelligence, Learning Machine, Biometric Technologies or Data Intelligence, among others.

According to Antonio Díaz “we are experiencing a very rapid evolution in everything that refers to digitization, especially in the technology sector associated with the world of customer relations. Consumers are making their own migration to digital, and that is why we must offer a service that meets their digital expectations”.

* 2019 data on the total workforce (15-64) Eurostat source

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