The Vozitel company has developed the technology that allows the use of robots with artificial intelligence to answer telephone calls and talk with customers using natural language. This technology is called CallBots and is basically a telephone switchboard that allows you to talk with customers and automate business processes without human intervention.

An award-winning technology

Vozitel and Cobralia received the award for Best IT Project in Artificial Intelligence - Virtual Agents on June 27 during the Platinum Contact Center Awards. Those responsible for collecting the award were Javier Vega, CEO of Vozitel, and Víctor Blanco, Director of Projects and Information Technology of Cobralia. Cobralia has been a pioneer in the use of this technology to manage early debt collection and the results have been spectacular.

According to Víctor Blanco de Cobralia “we have gained in efficiency and productivity, and it allows us to have an integrated and multichannel management that we use for the development of our activity”.

More than 300 professionals attended the X Edition of this gala that brought together, at the Goya Theater in Madrid, the main executives of the leading companies of the Contact Center sector in a Gala that, once again, rewards and recognizes the implementation of new technologies that allow the improvement of customer service management methods.

Víctor Blanco, Director of Projects and Information Technology of Cobralia and Javier Vega, CEO of Vozitel collecting awardVíctor Blanco, Director of Projects and Information Technology of Cobralia and Javier Vega, CEO of Vozitel collecting award
Víctor Blanco, Director of Projects and Information Technology of Cobralia and Javier Vega, CEO of Vozitel collecting award

How do CallBots work?

The contact centers can create their own CallBots or start from the templates that Vozitel has brought to the market during the last 3 years: manage debt collection, appointment management, consent collection in data protection, orders and customer service.

With an 80% cost reduction this technology allows contact centers to address projects that were previously not economically viable and focus on callbots for administrative and repetitive tasks of less value.

The solution designed by Vozitel is a unique project developed 100% in Spain that integrates a Virtual Switchboard with Artificial Intelligence, so that the CallBots can operate through the Public Telephone Network natively. “Our CallBots act as another agent within the Call Center, making and answering voice calls, using natural language and having real conversations with clients. All this helps to save around 80% of costs, ”says Javier Vega, CEO of Vozitel.

Users are getting used to talking with increasingly intelligent machines and with voices in which it is difficult to distinguish whether it is a person or a machine.

But cost saving is not the only benefit of CallBots. There are many other advantages when hiring these virtual agents; They are available 24/7/365; they are able to attend an unlimited number of people simultaneously without waiting times; They can speak up to 30 languages and above all, they save management time and optimize processes that otherwise can be tedious and repetitive for a human.

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